• The Anticlimactic E.N.D.

    By Alexa Smith The day after you have just: finished pulling your hair out, drank 10 cups of coffee, had a bad Adderall trip, questioned your future, seared your eyeballs off from the massive amounts of text reading, and pulled…

  • The Final Countdown

    By Corinne McQuillen and Alexa Smith Photos by James Harris FCC students are finding ways to deal with the pressure of finals. With the fog of stress looming in the minds of many FCC academics, many find different outlets to…

  • FCC Puts The D in D-Stress

    By Sherry Crockett and Taylor Haller – EN212 Contributors -Wax Candles -Pop-up Shops -Pie Throwing Contest -FREE Lunch -FREE snacks Walking through the halls of FCC, one can tell the dawn of the end is near, as there is a…

  • Getting Graphic: Comics and Art at FCC

    ​ By Brendan Bogley – Editor For as long as I can remember, art and drawing have been a prominent direction in my life. I was always creating and sketching super heroes, dragons, and other such things. Somewhere along the…

  • The December Issue of the Commuter
    13 - 1 (1)

    In this issue… Editor Brendon Bogley provides a follow up to his wildly popular FCC column called Words of Wisdom. Editor Brendan Bogley goes out to dinner…and comes back with a restaurant review of Chef Lin Buffet. En212 contributor Taylor…

  • Words of Wisdom, and Other Words 2
    Words of Wisdom 2

    In the Spring semester of 2014, an article was published where students and staff were given complete freedom to say whatever they wanted. People talked about their day, their hobbies, their life, turtles – really everything they felt like sharing….

  • Chef Lin Buffet: There for the FCC Student
    Chinese food

    Look forward to getting hungry. Located on 417 South Jefferson Street in Frederick, Chef Lin Buffet has everything that the famished FCC student needs – good food, good price, and close proximity. Named after the award-winning chef who has worked…

  • Malo “MK” Asante Visits FCC on Co-Curricular Day

    By Taylor Haller “Young Buck…Buck Wild…Buck shots…Buck Town…Black Buck…Make Buck…Slay Buck…Buck NOW” (an excerpt in Asante’s memoir “Buck”). These were the first words spoken by Malo “MK” Asante. His thoughts expressed context of language while his words in his memoir…

  • Running the Running Club

    By Brendan Bogley – Editor Preparing to interview the president of FCC’s Running Club, I had multiple questions that I intended to ask him – but I only had to ask him one, and then he ran with it. Excuse…

  • Future Focused

    By Sherry Crockett Last Thursday, slightly beyond mid-term, students from En212 Journalism ventured around the FCC campus talking with students about what they were thinking as finals approach. From a group in Honor’s Lounge in H building (Ryan, BillieJo, Miranda,…

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